YAFO organizes Leadership Colloquium

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The Young Leadership Colloquium is a flagship program of Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) to help change the narrative and contribute towards achieving an Africa with the mindset of identifying solutions and creating wealth from the problems and making Africa better.

Young Leadership Colloquium is a daylong event for students, professionals, activists, young leaders of organizations and start-ups. This year’s leadership colloquium was held on 11th July, 2019 at the Kesdem Hotel at Tema Community 5, Ghana.


The event hosted twenty-five (25) participants to explore the concepts of global innovation and employment as well as youth based policies that has the trickling down effect on individuals in their quest to rethink development.

Leadership is key towards development but the political landscape is either monopoly or duopoly. The political systems should be able to empower the young Africans to put their talents to optimal use. It is understandable that, there are a lot of extractive institutions that have become barriers which one must lobby or be connected to get registration done. These institutional barriers are more than headache for the young entrepreneur in Africa. It is no surprise as everyone perceive that government should do everything for them, right from the onset, the dependency tone have been set by political institutions to keep them relevant in the African society.


The 2019 leadership colloquium was moderated by Prof. Brian Baugus, USA and part of the activities marking the Network for Free Society Education Week, UK and Ghana. The event commenced from 8:00am and end at 5.00pm on 11th July, 2019.

The discussion at the Young Leadership Colloquium was to help orient young Africans to think of how to create wealth of out the problems they face in their society.

 “Prosperity is the ability to use your talent to the best of serving others not just synonymous to money”. Prof. Baugus


The event featured three discussion sections with each section lasting for two hours. This section focused on mindset and how participants value or themselves. The discussion helped build the understanding that one must not fear to change rather put oneself in position well enough to take advantage of opportunity.


The second section focused on how to overcome challenges within the African society. The educational system, history and colonial past, weak institutions and the current political climate were some of the key challenges identified to be stifling innovation and creativity. The challenges discussion was solution oriented and gave pointers to what one can do to   overcome them and prosper with in Africa.

The Young Leadership Colloquium was a participants’ centered event that challenged participants to be solution oriented. It was identified that, although one will want to initiate solution as entrepreneurs, the challenge of lack of capital remain inevitable. Participants shared their experiences in dealing with the challenges so others could replicate successful approaches.

The final segment had participants discuss the relationship between morals and economics. This section helps to establish a guide and participants were admonished not to accept favors especially when it comes at the cost of another person’s wellness.

In a nutshell, the Young Leadership Colloquium was insightful, successful and intellectually challenging. The team at Young Leadership for Opportunity is grateful to Atlas Network, USA, Network for Free Society, UK, Kingscel Technologies, Ghana, and Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, Ghana, for the support and guidance which has aided YAFO in making difference and achieving greater impact in Africa


Article by Nathaniel Dwamena, Programs Manager at Young Africans for Opportunities. ([email protected])

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