YAFO Ambassadors Identify Public Policies Limiting Economic Freedom in respective Countries during the February edition.

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Ambassador course is a four-week online certificate course to help in educating students, entrepreneurs and young professional on the principles of free market and how it helps in creating prosperity. Also the course aid Young African for Opportunities (YAFO) in identifying talents and connecting them with opportunities from across the globe.

This year’s Ambassador course commenced on 1st February, 2019 and as part of the course modules, week three (3) educate participants on the principles of economic freedom, free market and allow participants to share thoughts in identifying one public policy in their respective countries that hinders the realization of free market. Below are what three (3) participants in the February edition of the YAFO Ambassador course have to say;

Sylvester Bonyah, Ghana, looks at the national land policy of Ghana and how compulsory acquisition of land by the state tramples on individual liberty and property right.

“He mentioned that compulsory acquisition is the power of a state over all properties within the state, specifically its power to appropriate private properties for the use of the general public. The objective has been in pursuit of the socio-economic development for the public good. The policy has been extensively used in the country since the period of colonization. Land in Ghana is held among the customary sector (native people) and the state never had land. The state acquired land after legislation were enacted to empower it to compulsorily acquire lands from the stools and their subjects”. Kindly Click Here to read full article.

Masiye Nyirenda, Zambia, also engaged taxation and liberty.

“He demonstrates how many new business owners develop their businesses with an aim of being the best service providers in the free market. Initially, the government is restricted in terms of controlling how the business pricing will be for the goods and services provided. However, government taxation increases the expenses that businesses face, which make it more difficult for them to achieve profitability”. Kindly Click Here to read full article.


Joshua Banda, Zambia, also demonstrate how the Zambia Public Order Act is used to repress rights and freedom of expression, association and assembly.

“The human rights defenders, journalists and opposition political parties has been increasingly restricted. Section 5(4) of the act provided that anyone intending to assemble or host a meeting or demonstration was required to give the police one-week/seven days’ notice. The police think this is a requirement to obtain prior authorization for any public assembly to proceed and become a bit aggressive when individuals have no permit for a peaceful demonstration”. Kindly Click Here to read full article.


In all, the Ambassador course had forty-nine (49) participants and thirty-seven were able to successfully complete all the modules for the course. This included fifteen students, sixteen young professional and six entrepreneurs. We are glad for such success in the February edition of the Ambassador course and we hope to continue to connect our ambassadors with opportunities towards achieving a freer and a prosperous Africa.

The next edition of the Ambassador course will be in August, 2019 and we hope and anticipate your participation. We are YAFO!



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