417 Essays Received for YAFO’s Undergraduate Essay Competition in 2018

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The 2018 National Undergraduate Essay Competition in Ghana recorded a massive increment of applicants. The essay competition which is aimed at addressing the fact that government interventions to creating jobs have created more graduate unemployment in Ghana and graduates must be innovative to create for themselves small ventures through the knowledge acquired from school. With interventions from successive governments, unemployment keeps rising and most graduates are worried getting jobs after a 3 – 4 intensively studying. The perception that government is a job creator has made graduates to rely on government for employment after school. But the story is different after leaving school.


The topic of the essay; “Government interference in Job creation is leading to graduate unemployment in Ghana”, which saw 417 applicants from different universities and colleges, was to let undergraduates explore the need to understand themselves to create jobs, because most state employment programs are temporal and more so, hand to mouth.


In spite of this, wish to bring to the attention of the General public that the essay competition deadline was due, thus 30th October, 2018. Much gratitude goes to all who participated by way of submitting their essays. Our team have replied every participant who submitted his/her essay before the due date.


In all, a total of four hundred and seventeen essays were received. The essays will be marked by our Judges and the winners will be announced publicly. Personal contact information submitted will critically aid our team in locating our winners.


The official email for the essay competition thus, [email protected] would be used in reaching out to the fortunate winners of the competition. We entreat all participants to remain calm.


Yours in Opportunities

Nathaniel Dwamena

Programs Manager

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