Nigeria To Stop Importation Of Rice By 2020

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Following guidelines by Nigeria’s electioneering body, the Independent National Electoral Commission, Sunday 18th November has been declared the official commencement date for election campaigns, the front runners being President Mohammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress, APC and former Vice President Atiku of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

Ahead of the official commencement of campaigns in Nigeria, the Ghana chapter of the APC, led by its Chairman, Hon. Charles Michilette, organised a Press Conference in Accra on Friday 16th November to discuss the state of the nation and successes of the Buhari-led administration.

In his presentation, Hon. Michilette praised President Buhari and his team for putting Nigeria back on track. He highlighted three main sectors where the Buhari-led government had made tremendous gains as economic management, agriculture and infrastructural development.

On the issue of the economy, he praised the President for his resilience in stabilising an economy against all odds; an economy, which was set on track of failure due to poor management from previous governments. He states that the President’s ability to resist pressure and his dynamic approach to economic management is what has brought a hitherto doomed economy back on track of recovery.

President Buhari’s ability to continue projects, which were started by previous government, is a character that is not common amongst politicians in Nigeria who would rather disregard and denigrate projects and initiatives started by previous governments.

He further states that President Buhari’s policies and investment in agriculture has increased returns in agriculture and has made the sector more lucrative and attractive. The President’s resolve to stop importation of rice by 2020 has significantly increased investment in local rice production and boosted the quality and quantity of production. He refers to the statement issued by Nigeria’s Bank of Agriculture, which states that Nigeria saved $800 million due to increase in local rice production.

On security, Hon. Michilette commended the continuous investment in the security agencies, which he believes will motivate Nigeria’s security personnel has it has provided modern combat equipment making security easier to manage. He berates those influencing and sponsoring the pockets of violence happening in some parts of Nigeria. Stating it does not only attack the performance of the present administration but the peace of the Nigerian people.

On infrastructure, he says “infrastructure is at its best in recent times. There are on-going projects or newly completed projects in every state of the country.”

He described persistent media reports, which describes the present administration as ineffective as mere “propaganda being spread by the opposition to deceive Nigerians just because this government has blocked all illegal means through which certain politicians have been milking the common wealth of the country.”

Hon. Bola Koleade & Hon Saheed Owolabi General Secretary and Organizing Secretary respectively, also expressed their optimism on the success of the party in 2019 referencing the outstanding performance of the Buhari-led government particularly in the fight against corruption, which they consider the biggest menace to growth, development and unity of Nigeria.

They advised every registered, eligible Nigerian voter living in Ghana to ignore the rumours and bad press about the current administration and encouraged them all to go home during the election period to vote for the continuation and consolidation of the good works being executed by the current Buhari-Osinbajo led administration.

Chief Akintola, a leading member of the party called for total support for the Buhari-Osinbajo ticket in order to complete the process of transitioning Nigeria from poorly managed economy to a first world economy.

The Ghana Chapter expressed its determination to fully launch a campaign for Buhari/Osinbajo group and also Sanwo-Olu, APC Governorship candidate for Lagos state in few days after followed by a visit of the Ghana Chapter to the National Headquarters.

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