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The students of KNUST can take just as much injustice as has been fed to them by their leaders and there comes a time when they have to wear the colours of courage and bravery and march for what they believe in. Fortunately, today happens to be that day.


No student past or present of this institution would have ever thought that there was going to be a day when brutality against students was going to be a normal occurrence on the campus of KNUST but here we are today with close to eleven (11) students being badly beaten up, injured, tased and imprisoned over engaging in a vigil (or a morale session, as it is commonly known in these parts) by security personnel.


The bond between students and administration for a very long time has been hanging from thread and it is no surprise that these events have severed this bond beyond repairs and for that reason we call on all and sundry to join in on the peaceful march that is going to take place on the streets of KNUST in as a sign of solidarity to those who got treated unjust and unlawfully in the events of Friday and also to present to the administration of the school a petition. We also entreat everyone to heed to the call of the student leaders and sit out lectures tomorrow.


As Martin Luther King Jr. well puts it; The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy? and as students being groomed for higher purposes, we stand with the decision of the Student representative Council of KNUST, Student Parliament and every well-meaning individual and #SayNoToStudentBrutality.


Below are some pictures of victims who suffered at the hands of security personnel (Adarkwa) of the school.



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