Young Africans for Opportunities-KNUST teams up with Adehyee Leo club, KNUST to clean up AU Gardens on KNUST campus.

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September 21st is marked on the Ghanaian calendar as Founders Day celebration; a day for celebrating the accomplishments of a leader who gave his all to ensure that generations of tomorrow do not live in fear on their own land. This illustrious gentleman is no other but the very first president of Ghana and liberator of numerous African countries, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.


In recent years however, September 21st has doubled as National Volunteers Day, an initiative of Ghana Think Foundation as a way of encouraging and rekindling the spirit of volunteerism among Ghanaians for the development of communities and Ghana as a nation.


Weeks before National Volunteers Day (NVDay), a subgroup of Ghana Think Foundation called Volunteeringh which spearheads volunteerism in the country, calls for events or activities associations, clubs, organizations, and individuals who would like to organize on the said day so they can assist in getting volunteers and stakeholders on board through publications and social media.

Young Africans for Opportunities being a community of spirited young Africans who aim to effect change in their communities teamed up with the Adehyee Leo Club, KNUST, to clean up the AU Gardens, a recreational park on the campus of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for this year’s National Volunteers/Founders Day celebration.

“Volunteers are love in motion” and today, participants for the clean up exercise at the AU Gardens numbering about thirty (30), illustrated through their dedication why the above saying is true to the core. At 8:30am, a good number of our cherished volunteers could be seen readying their tools mainly brooms, cutlasses, rags, bins, dust collectors, etc, to tackle the task at handle. Mr. Duncan, team lead for the activity led the group through a short prayer and after assigned everyone an activity.


With some of the men pruning, chopping and clearing the fell trees, others were weeding some popular spots in the park while the ladies where cleaning and wiping down the weathered benches in the park. And as the team worked, our numbers grew from strength to strength. With the increase in number, the workload got smaller and smaller by the minute and an activity that was projected to take a maximum of five (5) hours, was completed in three (3) hours.


Volunteers are nothing but superheroes without capes and this is why we will like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to give their time freely, knowing very well they weren’t going to be paid for their good hearts. We love you for being the change we all want to see in our various communities and appreciate your efforts. Lets keeping doing the little we can, when we can and how we can to make the nation a better place.

Keep Calm and Volunteer some More.




Kokroko Jesse Senyo

President of YAFO-KNUST

[email protected]

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