YAFO members Trained at the African Journalists for Economic Opportunities Training in Ghana

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This year’s African Journalists for Economic Opportunities Training (AJEOT) was beyond expectation. AJEOT 2018 organized by the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation featured intelligent, well read and great speakers from across the globe on varieties of classical liberal and public policy topics. The three-days residential event at Koforidua Summit Lodge, Ghana was vigorously engaging and had twenty-five participants in total.


There were also about 10 speakers of different nationalities present at the conference. There was Belinder Odek President of YAFO (Kenya), Thomas Adebayo (Nigeria), Vincente Camara (Switzerland), Ebenezer Nii-Tackie (Ghana), Evans Kissi (Germany), Franklin Cudjoe, IMANI- Africa (Ghana) etc. in the course of the conference, we also had some distinguished personalities such as Tom Palmer of Atlas Network (USA), Dr. Steve Davies of IEA (UK) and Brian Baugus (USA) educate us on an array of topics via skype.

Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) was privileged to have five participants and one speaker at the event. Belinder Odek, President of YAFO, gave a lecture on Internet Freedom.


YAFO-KNUST a campus-based organization had the President, Jesse Kokroko, and Recruitment Manager, Rita Aikins all from Ghana to be part of the event participants. The introductory presentation by the HAYEK group which won the group assignment on public policy gaps and solution was done by Rita Aikins. A wide range of skills, including Teamwork, public speaking abilities and high confidence level was impacted through the exercise. This can further advance their abilities in managing YAFO-KNUST, since AJEOT 2018 had contributed immensely towards the understanding of classical liberalism.


“I know more about Liberty now… One thing I cherish most” Rita Aikins

“Lectures from our speakers strengthened my libertarian core and made me more anxious and hungry to keep asking the most relevant of questions” Jesse Kokroko Senyo


Also, the event witnessed the participation of Femi Royal and Salami Taiye, the duo are much involved in building a strong organization in Nigeria. This is how Salami elucidated the impact of AJEOT 2018;


“I have never really appreciated the concept of liberty until I attended AJEOT. The principles and merits of a free society as well as how it can be achieved especially in Africa is another area that AJEOT made me realized is possible. A new purpose has been found…thanks to AJEOT.”


The advancement of ideas for a free society is an integral part of YAFO as an organization to make Africa freer, politically, socially and economically. Getting more students, entrepreneurs and young professionals to understand and interact with ideas for a free society in Africa is one way to help young generation to deflect from the old and current path for development that stifles growth and economic freedom. The current path rewards men that deal in favors not those who deal in creative production of goods and services. Liberty opens young generation to a different horizon of thinking that will promote prosperous on the continent in making Africa freer.


In all, AJEOT 2018 was a great platform that help broaden the understanding of classical liberalism and economic freedom of our members who participated. We are grateful to Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) for such an opportunity. I can say that AJEOT has brought a new energy and zeal to our members and ultimately YAFO. Its no surprise, seeing Mathew Mensah, country Director in Ghana, ignite his energy to advance the mission of YAFO to students in second cycle institutions.


YAFO! Breaking Barriers, Enabling Opportunities



Nathaniel Dwamena

Programs Manager, Young Africans for Opportunities.

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