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Writing skills among students are much important to the development of argument and in research. Few students take interest in writing. And during examinations, the writing skills of many come to play in the mandatory essay questions. For others, their writings abilities end the moment it is stop work.

Young Africans for Opportunities (YAFO) National Undergraduate Essay Competition is slated to commence on 15th June to 30th October, 2018. The essay competition will help students sharpen their writing skills, read wide and most importantly interact with ideas for a free society.

YAFO has set the ball rolling with the 2018 National Undergraduate Essay Competition for Ghanaian students in any Tertiary Institution. It is the vision of the organization to expand the competition to involve other countries in Africa with time. The topic for the essay competition is “Government interference in Job creation is leading to Graduate Unemployment in Ghana”. It’s the hope of our organization to liberate the horizon of students to be independent of the government so as to build a prosperous and a freer society.

Who Qualifies to Participate in the National Undergraduate Essay Competition?
Participants must be a student in any tertiary institution in Ghana, whether private or public.

It is worthy to note that no participant is allowed to lift materials directly from works of any author without proper referencing to the original source. Plagiarism automatically disqualifies any entry. All references must be provided at the bottom of the essay. The following details should form the content of the cover page; Participant’s full name, Institution, Program of Study, Year of Study, Gender, Email, Contact, Facebook ID.

All entries should be sent to [email protected] in Ms Word or PDF Format, not more than 1500 words.

Also, seven selected judges from Germany, UK, and Ghana will mark and come up with the winners.

The competition will have the following cash Prizes for the three students who will be adjudge winners.
1. Gold – 1st – $250
2. Silver – 2nd – $150
3. Bronze – 3rd – $100

All in all, the essay competition will be climaxed with a grand finale speaker event where winners will be awarded. Young Africans for Opportunities urges every qualified participant to get involve and bring the best of their research, solid arguments and creativity writing to making the National Undergraduate Essay Competition a success.


Article by

Nathaniel Dwamena, Programs Manager

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